What is Endodontics about?

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry focused on treating infections of the dental pulp, also known as the tooth’s nerve. The dental pulp is the living part of the tooth, responsible for its development and sensitivity. It is located inside the tooth, surrounded by hard tissues like dentine and enamel. Damage to the pulp can occur due to factors such as deep decay, trauma, or fractures. Symptoms of a damaged pulp range from no pain to severe pain when consuming hot/cold beverages or chewing. Swelling or abscesses may also be present. If the pulp is salvageable, techniques like fillings or Vital Pulp Therapy can promote a full recovery. However, beyond a certain level of damage, a Root Canal Treatment is necessary.

Why you may need it?

Endodontic treatments are recommended for individuals who have infections or damage to the dental pulp within their teeth. This includes patients with severe tooth pain, dental abscesses or swelling, deep dental decay, or cracked/fractured teeth. Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial for saving the natural tooth and restoring oral health. Consult with us to determine if endodontic treatment is necessary for you.

Benefits of Endodontic Treatments

Effective Pain Relief

We understand the discomfort caused by dental pulp infections or damage. Our endodontic treatments are designed to effectively relieve tooth pain, allowing you to regain comfort and oral well-being.

Preservation of Your Natural Teeth

We prioritize saving your natural teeth whenever possible. Our skilled endodontist work diligently to treat the underlying issues affecting your dental pulp, helping you avoid unnecessary extractions and maintain a healthy, complete smile.

Enhanced Oral Health

Our comprehensive endodontic treatments focus on eliminating infections and restoring the health of your tooth’s inner structure. By addressing the root cause, we help improve your overall oral health and prevent further complications down the line.

Restored Chewing Functionality

Damaged or infected teeth can compromise your ability to chew properly. Our expertise in endodontics ensures that we restore the health and functionality of your teeth, allowing you to eat comfortably and efficiently.

Aesthetic Confidence

We recognize the impact of a natural, confident smile on your self-esteem. By preserving your natural teeth through our endodontic treatments, we help you maintain an aesthetically pleasing smile that boosts your confidence.

Cost-Effective Solution

Our focus on saving your natural teeth through endodontic treatments can be a cost-effective approach. By avoiding extensive restorative procedures or tooth replacements, we help you save on long-term dental expenses while still receiving optimal care.

Endodontic Services

Vital Pulp Therapy - Central Dental Care Dublin

Vital Pulp Therapy​

Preserving dental health: Vital pulp therapy saves and restores natural teeth by treating and healing the living pulp inside.

Root Canal Treatment - Central Dental Care Dublin

Root Canal Treatment

Relieve tooth pain, restore oral health: Root canal treatment removes infected pulp, saves teeth, and brings back smiles.​

Retreatment - Central Dental Care Dublin


Renew dental health: Retreatment addresses prior root canal procedures, saving teeth and ensuring lasting results.​

Apicoetomy - Central Dental Care Dublin


Precision surgery for tooth root infections: Apicoectomy targets and removes infected tissue at the root tip, restoring dental health.​

Why Choose Us?

Led by our experienced specialist, Dr. Roberto Careddu, we provide exceptional endodontic care with a focus on superior treatment outcomes. Our advanced equipment allows our endodontist to visualize intricate details within your tooth. This ensures thorough cleaning, and precise treatment, and contributes to better long-term results.

With the aid of the operating microscope, we can effectively identify and address even the smallest issues, while the CBCT provides detailed 3D images for accurate diagnoses and treatment planning. These advancements enable us to deliver precise and targeted care, helping save your natural tooth whenever possible.

At Central Dental Care, your comfort is of utmost importance. We provide pain-free sessions using modern techniques that minimize discomfort during root canal therapy. By preserving your natural teeth, eliminating pain, and maintaining the integrity of your smile, we ensure superior outcomes in aesthetics and long-term oral health.

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